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Project Freight Management

GTS - An Ideal Partner for Project Management Firms

"We have recommended GTS in the past, and we would do it again!"  

     - M.A., Vice-President of Manufacturing and Development

Managing project freight moves requires experienced and knowledgeable personnel committed to researching all options, anticipating any potential problems, and reacting with quick and decisive actions in extraordinary circumstances.

Project freight cargoes represent a broad spectrum of commodities with specialized shipping requirements delivered to some of the world’s most challenging destinations.  The U.S. government, international construction contractors, and world relief/humanitarian agencies recognizes GTS as highly qualified to execute project freight deliveries worldwide. Dealing with special equipment, routing to non-traditional lanes, and familiarizing with the communication needs make GTS an ideal partner for project management firms. 

GTS’ successfully managed projects include: mobile missile launch systems, and accompanying rocket motors; on-going humanitarian distribution programs throughout Africa and the C.I.S., digital telecommunications projects in Iraq, Eastern Europe, the C.I.S and Russia; as well as Air Charter of livestock delivered throughout the world. 

GTS’ approach is to dissect the project into essential elements, and assign direct supervision over each of them. To ensure that GTS is fully prepared to manage a project, staff member’s travel to the primary project locations. A Project Coordinator is then assigned to manage all facets of communication, logistics and transportation, and gives a direct report to our customer.

Our staff serves as an extension of the customer's organization and anticipation, proactively supplying critical information, and assuring that your mission is accomplished.