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Case Study

Nuclear Power Plant Refurbishment

In support of the U.S. Department of Energy, (DOE), GTS delivered large consignments of heavy electronic equipment from the United States to remote locations throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The equipment was replacing the command and control infrastructure of existing Eastern European power plants, and it was imperative to install the new equipment with minimal downtime at the plants.


  •      Sensitive electronics easily damaged in transit
  •      Precise timing of delivery required
  •      Success dependent on close coordination with Project Engineers


Because of the delicate nature of the electronics, GTS met with project engineers and managers in order to design a unique crating plan, providing a vacuum-sealed vapor barrier for each container. This crating was specially designed to protect equipment integrity in transit and withstand hoisting at each plant. Expert routing plans were executed to meet short lead times, ensuring timely airfreight to Europe. Deliveries utilized specialized equipment in secure convoys with timely cross-border customs clearances through diplomatic channels. Convoy safety was guaranteed by security details with satellite phone communication and regular updates to the project staff. 


GTS’ efforts resulted in the timely delivery of fully functional equipment to each remote area, which enabled the site staff to complete their installations with only two days of downtime, and put all projects ahead of schedule and on budget. The GTS Group remains a trusted partner of the DOE to this day.

Services Utilized:

  •      Air Freight
  •      Project Freight
  •      Third Party Logistics