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Mission Critical Cargo

An Experienced, Trusted Partner for Critical Cargo

GTS is a critical services provider to the U.S. Government to transport high priority and mission critical cargo. We have attained this status by consistently honing our processes and providing our customers with exceptional service. This process includes constant monitoring and documentation of cargo movement at every step, and providing prompt communication and detailed electronic status reports to both the shipper and consignee at all critical points.  

GTS cargo transports have included: full air charters of various sized aircraft for payloads ranging from 5 tons to 95 tons and vessel charter for surface transport of secured ocean containers. Through careful monitoring and communication of shipment details to all parties involved, we have successfully executed mission critical cargo shipments throughout the U.S. and worldwide, maintaining our customers’ contractual and licensing requirements in the process while enabling on-time arrivals for critical cargo.  

Managing complicated Project Freight moves requires experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable personnel committed to researching all options, surveying potential problems, and reacting to extraordinary circumstances with immediate and decisive actions. The GTS approach for mission critical cargo and project freight is to break down the logistics into essential elements to develop a total “Transit Plan” that assigns direct supervision over each element. Advanced on-site surveillance by GTS Operations Specialists at key points in the project corridor ensures that GTS has the first-hand knowledge required to accomplish every step, from point-to-point. A Project Coordinator is then assigned to manage all facets of communications, logistics, and transportation for GTS, as a direct point of contact to report to the customer.

For cargo that is extremely sensitive, or of extraordinary value, GTS can arrange for private security to escort a shipment, armed or unarmed as deemed appropriate.   And for maximum security and total control, GTS can arrange for cargo transport via exclusive truck, air, and ocean charters to achieve constant surveillance.