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Documentary Credits

Comprehensive Documentary Credit Service

Documentary credit shipment terms are common to GTS operations. GTS’ customers shipping textiles to the Far East always require a Letter of Credit for all of their transactions. GTS employees are trained to complete all sight drafts, and we employ a dedicated “letter of credit handler” who has a banking background in approving Letters of Credit. We understand that our client’s payment terms in these situations require complete accuracy, and we have achieved an 100% customer satisfaction rate in this service.

On behalf of buyers, we manage irrevocable letters of credit to ensure that the seller meets the agreed upon terms and conditions. On behalf of sellers, we manage time drafts to release shipments and the documentation necessary to remove the delivered goods.

GTS’ comprehensive documentary credit services include:

  •      Formal letter of credit management program
  •      Complete document conformance
  •      Sight draft execution
  •      Bank presentation
  •      Bank payment tracking and automatic funds release notification
  •      Third-party letter of credit management, conformance, and banking