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Global Health

A Tradition of Relief Support

"GTS is very good.  I appreciate that they do escalate problems."

                                               -L.H, Senior Procurement Officer

GTS has been a freight support bridge to humanitarian and relief programs for three decades. This experience has given the team at GTS a strong command of how to successfully manage the intricacies of global health relief within its many layers of customers. Field teams must coordinate staff time with cargo arrivals, host governments and embassies must coordinate procedures for duty free entry, management agencies and organizations must show accountability and program effectiveness, and funders must have their organizational requirements met. GTS has consistently played highly successful roles in supporting these supply chains to arriving at the most challenging destinations. These challenges are sometimes heightened by poor infrastructure, corruption and war conditions, in addition to the challenges of meeting program requirements, . In every case, GTS has found ways to elevate levels of operations and communications in order to  serve as the reliable freight link in the process.

Meeting the Rise of Global Health Efforts

As funding increases for a great number of global health initiatives worldwide, so has our involvement in new programs that look to conquer health issues, not just diminish their impact. Much of the new research and field programs require higher levels of freight expertise and execution: now perishable medicines and hazardous specimen can easily overtax the infrastructures of locations that do not have steady access to electricity and refrigeration. Scarce warehousing requires quick alternatives to secure cargoes before delivery, and GTS utilizes its operational routing expertise to recognize local deficiencies in order to successfully execute complex deliveries worldwide. While many global health programs are better funded today, these programs cannot overcome difficult environments. GTS thrives on overcoming these challenges and granting successes.

Supporting Our Customers’ Success 

In the remote Manica and Sofala regions of Mozambique, early detection of syphilis among pregnant mothers had been identified a key means to allocate scarce funds to protect the lives of the unborn child and mother. Working with a non-profit organization, GTS successfully managed a complex supply process of rapid test kits to the project staff in country. With help from the product supplier in Asia, GTS registered the importation with Mozambique customs prior to its departure and obtained pre-approval from the Ministry of Health. Flying all the materials into Beira airport in the Sofala province, GTS maintained close communication with project and field staff to insure that a representative was physically present to sign for the material at the airport in compliance with local regulations.