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Global Health Case Study

Global AIDS Relief

In cooperation with a prominent global health organization, GTS has arranged the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for global AIDS relief programs throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Our consistently reliable service was a primary factor in gaining the project, which brought approximately 90 million units of syringes, needle removers, and safety refuse containers to global health workers around the world. The client depended on GTS to assure that syringes were on hand whenever a health worker had medication and patients in need.


  •      Scarce warehousing space in Africa
  •      Complex supply chain management
  •      Limited information technology in destination countries
  •      US Flag Shipping to adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulations
  •      Multiple countries of origin and destination


GTS employs both high and low technological approaches to ensure client satisfaction.  Our online tracking and documentation system allow clients to monitor all activities, while our operations team relies on continuous phone and fax communication to monitor events in destination countries.

Supply chain management is an absolutely critical aspect of the project. The recipients of medical supplies must receive their packages  on time. In order to accomplish this, GTS monitors the manufacturer’s supplies, the number of syringes used at the various points of care, and accounts for a variety of events that could delay shipment. As most destination countries have minimal informational technology, the program "tracking team" constantly monitors and updates each shipment's status, from the time GTS Headquarters’ receives an order to the delivery date of the shipment at its final destination. The GTS website provides our clients with complete information concerning the movement of their products.

The GTS tracking system is designed with our Global Health clients in mind, granting them maximum flexibility and autonomy while using minimal resources to monitor their transportation activity. Although original documents are physically couriered to destination, electronic copies are also attached to shipment files on the GTS website which allows quick access and creates an easily auditable environment for Federal Acquisition Regulations. As another benefit of our clients, customizable status reports are automatically issued in Excel format on the GTS website. Through those reports, our clients have a complete summary of all their shipment’s statuses at anytime, and they can evaluate our performance.


Working towards global AIDS relief has been a highly rewarding process; one which the GTS Group views as a success. By coordinating with manufacturers, funders, embassy staff, destination customs personnel and health workers, we are able to ensure a continuous supply of syringes to AIDS patients throughout Africa and the Caribbean.

Services Utilized:

  •   Air Freight
  •   Ocean Freight