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Dangerous/Perishable Goods Case Study

Dangerous Goods Case Study

GTS’ experience in handling dangerous goods encompasses all DGR classifications, including those that require a more painstaking oversight throughout transport, for instance: Class 1 Explosives such as grenades, flares, or large caliber ammunition; Class 7 Radioactives of fissile materials and environmentally hazardous substances; and flammable gasses and liquids. For example, GTS regularly handles shipments of Cobalt sources used for an x-ray inspection system, classified as Radioactive Material, Type A package, Special Form, UN3332, Yellow II and restricted to transport on all-cargo aircraft only. A typical shipment is approximately 500 Kgs with worldwide destinations, from Mexico to the Far East. One particular shipment was destined for the Maura Port facility in Brunei. GTS arranged commercial air freighter service directly to Singapore, then, with the assistance of a partnering agent, coordinated transit clearance and transshipment to Bandar Seri Begawan. The shipment was delivered to the final consignee, timed for delivery coincident to arrival of an installation team. Potential difficulties included delays during carrier acceptance, if any documentation or packaging was not in order; delays processing clearance without prior arrangements, and all import licenses and permits; and late delivery caused by any delays during transit. GTS’ advanced planning allowed for a smooth transit, minimal downtime during clearance, and a precise delivery schedule within the fixed transit time frame prescribed by the client. GTS continues to handles similar sources of dangerous goods both domestically and internationally for this client.


Utilizing the expertise of GTS’ staff and cooperation of proven reliable local and international agents, GTS arranges and coordinates all required steps, from advanced preparation through retrieval, classification, packing, shipping, and delivery of all dangerous goods commodities to their destination. Components utilized in project freight coordination are adapted to dangerous goods handling, whereby we consider all factors and procedures are painstakingly followed to ensure the successful handling of the shipment. GTS’ high Quality and Reliability standards are upheld, with the ultimate goal of exceeding the clients’ requirements and expectations.