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"GTS is wonderful. The firm provides great customer service."

                                       - V. H., Chief of Transportation

Since November 2001, well before the US Air Force allowed cargo aircraft into Afghanistan, GTS has been operating cargo flights into the airports at Baghram, Kabul and Kandahar. Subsequently, we’ve operated hundreds of fights each year from Europe to Afghanistan, Central Asia, and throughout the Middle East and Africa. Every scheduled delivery has been met without incident. Our customers have come to trust our 97% on-time destination delivery rate—an amazing accomplishment—with understandable reason.

GTS has produced thousands of cargo charter flights under its Contract Cargo Airlift program carrying a wide range of cargoes (humanitarian relief, cattle, armored cars, generators, out sized machinery, 20 foot sea containers, radioactive material, etc) aboard various types of aircraft, including the Antonov-124, Boeing-747, Antonov-12 and Ilyushin-76, since 1991. Specifically, GTS has developed unparalled expertise operating the IL-76 type from throughout Europe and the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Contract Cargo Airlift customers are reliant upon the unique capabilities of the IL-76, a Russian aircraft with a maximum payload of 50 metric tons, a maximum volume capacity of 180 cubic meters, and an operating endurance of +8 hours with an average payload. Additionally, the IL-76 is equipped with ramp loading capability, to support mechanized equipment transport, an internal ten metric ton over-head crane, and a 20 metric ton floor winch. It is completely self-contained and perfectly suited for operations at airfields and airports with limited infrastructure or ground support equipment. The "Quiet" IL-76 is now certified to operate throughout North America.

Since 2003, GTS has produced more than 1,500 contract airlift flights and charters in support of project operations through its affiliate company, East/West Cargo (FZC) UAE, a leading cargo airline, headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. East/West Cargo provides highly reliable, point-to-point and multi-drop air cargo transportation and logistic services in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and beyond. GTS’ staff is available 24x7, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service. East/West Cargo’s fleet of IL-76TD aircraft are able to serve destinations far and wide, including under-developed locations incapable of supporting typical cargo aircraft or normal flag carriers. In support of its strategic growth plans,.GTS is  developing a new western cargo jet operation in the U.A.E.

GTS Europe (GTS-E) launched in January 2004, providing customers with a worldwide extension for all of their freight transport requirements. The appointed General Services Agent for East/West Cargo U.A.E., GTS-E is an air broker with specialization in air charter handling for international organizations such as the U.S. State Department, World Food Programme and NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency. GTS-E executes both short and long haul land transport solutions for the Defense Department and Attaché Support Offices throughout Europe, and offers services to Independent Forwarders and companies throughout Africa and the Middle East.